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I got to lvl 8 on my first play through and I took note of what some of the locations of the best items I had seen up to that point. Namely the orc armor and helmet buried on the beach and the club "clobbering time" dropped by the ghoul at the lighthouse.

I started a second play through with a more optimized party but it seems to me that all the unique items that my characters found on my first play through have been taken out of the game for my second play through on a different profile. Namely the orc corpse that you dig up for the armor is empty, and since this is quest type item not a random drop it was my biggest clue.

The reason I believe this to be a bigger issue than just the orc armor is because of another item, the club "clobberin time". I have two other friends playing their own games and the first run through all 3 of us got the unique "clobberin time" club off the lighthouse ghoul. 3 for 3 first kill. Made me think this is guaranteed drop. I killed the lighthouse ghoul many times 10-15 at least, on my second playthrough and it did not drop the club at all.

This leads me to believe that what ever function the game uses to remove unique items from the loot spawn table of a game after it has spawned into the game is effecting subsequent play throughs of mine on different profiles.

Has anyone else gotten the same unique items in subsequent play through that you got the first play through. Has anyone noticed their absence? This would be hard to know or notice since most unique items appear to be random drops/chest spawn/vendor inventory.

Any data to support or refute this theory would be appreciated.


Please email, with a description of the problem and the file generated by the D:OS support tool (for the PC version). The report will contain system and game information, any crash dumps, and your saved games. File size may be an issue, especially if you have all your saves from the first playthrough, but you can selectively delete saves from the zip. I think it would help to at least include your first and latest saves from this game and your latest from the last (if available), and more would probably be better.

I don't think Clobbering Time is a guaranteed drop, but you should have gotten it in that many reloads.

A couple people have reported the map shroud or quests carrying over to a subsequent game, but it is not reproducible.
Unfortunately I deleted the first profile from the game using the in game function. I backed up the folder and moved it out of the default location first. I was just trying to do some tests myself. I moved the profile folder back to the original location later but the profile no longer shows up in game so I'm wondering if the support tool will still be able to pull the information it needs because the game cannot.

I'm not sure if the support tool checks the profiles listed or get the entire folder. You can always zip a couple saves from there separately, though.

Don't try to recreate the profile from within the game without moving the saves first; that will delete them.
There is a known issue where, if the player fires up a new game from main menu after he came from an older game where he had discovered uniques already; that these uniques would not be loaded into his newly created game. This means directly making a new game after having played a previous one, without exiting the game.
This could for example happen if the person plays a singleplayer game and has found uniques in that game, a friend comes online and you start up a new multiplayer game immediately - thats when the uniques that have already be found before will be missing.

If you exit the game, then start it up again & make a new game, the uniques should be available again. This issue should be fixed in the upcoming major patch.
I thought all items were random, in other words, not guaranteed drops?

I killed the orc on the beach (just after reaching Cyseal, with a party of 2 lev's 3. Don't ask!) and went to dig his brother's grave, hoping for an awesome armor. All i got was a lousy pair of cloth boots, basic quality, and that's it.

I did not come from another game and hadn't touched the grave previously whatsoever. This was my first kill of his brother and the first time touching the grave.

So i'm a bit puzzled when I read the above. Can someone confirm that you are supposed to loot the armor on every first run, not taking into account the bug mentioned above, in the current state of the game? And that there are similar items that are guaranteed to drop, in other parts of the game?

Another question: are all items you loot purely random? As an example, I managed to enter the treasure room of the prison, below the Legion's headquarters in Cyseal. The first time, i found a legendary shield. But my game crashed because of the savegame bug, and on my next run, the chest contained something completely different (and of poor quality).

Is this due to the bug mentioned above, or is this normal?

I just want to know if it's totally random or worth going back in case you had to reload a previous game.

Are you sure we are talking about the hidden grave to the (slightly) north-west (the one that does not have an Orc totem near it)? It should always drop the Orc armour first time around.

Some bosses and chests have unique loot, but nearly everything else is randomized, thus it is possible that once where you found a legendary the next time that wont happen.
Issh - thanks for your reply, i was talking about the grave with a totem just next to the sobbing orc. I just assumed that - since he attacked me when I started digging - this was the grave his brother was in.

I haven't explored the area around it except for the 3-4 totems and the 4 torches where the traps are laid out, because of the save & load crash - bug. I didn't want to risk dying smile

And thanks for the explanation about the way loot works.

Thats the wrong grave, The grave with the armor is not marked. It is farther west next to the cliffs and you need a perception of 10 to spot the mound. It should always have the armor.
Thanks for letting me know about this and how this. I really don't want to restart my new playthrough but I'll think about it I guess. I'm betting the update won't fix my game that has this problem it will just prevent it from happening in newly started games.
I don't suppose there is anyway to mod in specific items into an existing game that isn't extremely difficult and time consuming?
Does anyone know if this is fixed yet?
A whooping 5 minutes after the patch hit?
Heh I didn't know it was so soon

Anyway apparently on the changelist this issue should be fixed so yay! Guess it's time to start a new game
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