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Posted By: Oggy Flow Bug in Maradino Study - 18/07/14 03:37 AM
I have entered Maradino's study multiple times and have never found a book called "book" to open the stone door to get the blood shard.

I have reloaded the game from different save points and still have not found a book...

Not sure if doing a certain quest before going to the study can make this happen
Posted By: Bluestone Re: Bug in Maradino Study - 18/07/14 06:41 AM
Are you holding the ALT key while looking around? if you are and still can't see it there then your game is borked smile
Posted By: Oggy Flow Re: Bug in Maradino Study - 18/07/14 06:46 AM
Ya I think your right, no luck in the game with the book. Guess i'm starting over
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