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Posted By: spiattalo The Skeleton King's summoner quest bugged? - 17/08/14 03:48 AM
I just killed
Braccus Rex
after finding
and his lab to complete the undead scourge quest, so now I have the skeleton king's summoner quest active, which I should complete by talking to Arhu. Except Arhu has no dialog option on that regard and I can't complete the quest.

This is my 2nd playthrough and it didn't happen with patch 1.0.41.
Nobody else encountered this?
Posted By: Raze Re: The Skeleton King's summoner quest bugged? - 20/08/14 02:38 AM

Is it Arhu you need to speak to, or Aureus?

Did you go through all of the speech options?
It's supposed to be Arhu, anyway, I went through all the speech options with both to no avail.
I seem to be the same problem. In my journal, under "The Undead Scourge" questline it says i faced and defeted youknowwho, who dropped a youknowwhat and that I should report back to Aureus. Under the "The Skeleton King's Summoner" it says I have discovered who resurrected youknowwhoand that Arhu will want to know what we have discovered.

However when I go to speak to two of them, none of the dialog options indicate anything to do with my completions of the aforementioned quest frown please help. I apologize for my poor attempt at spoiler coverup.

EDIT: Nevermind, after I shutdown the game for a break and came back the dialog options worked, weird smirk
Still not working for me.
I can't finish that quest either. I've been to the hut and my characters even talked about having found out who was the culprit, but that was before I even accepted the quest. Now I'm trying to talk to both Arhu and Aureus with the incriminating evidence in my inventory and neither will allow me to progress this quest.
I can't finish this quest aswell, if you talk with arhus after you already beat braccus rex he will not resolve this quest. That's bad. q_q

EDIT: guys, please fix this, i'm gonna wait until the bugfix will be up since i'm a bit tired of bugged quests, here is how to reproduce it:

Defeat braccus rex before [b]even taking the quest,[/b] so that once you're back in the accampament to talk with aureus and arhus you still need to pick up the Skeleton king's summoner quest from Arhus.

Speak with arhus, he will give you the quest even if you have already beaten braccus rex, and talking once more with him will not make you able to finish the quest, leaving you with the quest still available and with the impossibility to announce arhus that you know who's the summoner.

i cannot say anything more, do you want my save? i've the save right after i've spoken to arhus for the first time, so that i have the quest and it's impossible to finish it.

i practically stated the same thing 3 times but i want to be sure that things like this don't get missed. unfinished quests hurt my OCD
BUMP 1800 views, logged today on my game and still bugged!
I don't think your game is bugged. I had difficulties with completing this quest for the first time because...

Arhu indeed has a dialog option to complete the King's Summoner Quest. Yet it will not be immediately apparent as you start talking to him. You will have to select the option on source hunter's business (an option you had right from the start) and then talk about Braccus and the Baron (which again you already did if you have the King's Summoner Quest in your quest log). But this time Arhu will acknowledge that raising Braccus was Telyrion's doing. You get some xp and +1 Rep.

Btw. you can also go to Arhu to complete this quest immediately after you loot the undertaker's hut and read the diary.
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