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Both books have disappeared from the teller of secrets inventory, though I hadn't bought them yet.

I have bought a lot of maps from her, and sold them back to her.

My game has been updated to the latest patch with the free dlc


Could you please send me a savegame of this? You may send it to

Normally the stat and skill books should be there, but you should only be able to buy them once, because they are unique.

Each save is a folder in the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames' folder. In Windows Explorer, right click on the save folder and select 'Send To | Compressed Folder' to zip it.

Alternately, you can use the D:OS support tool (for the PC version) to create a file which will contain system and game information, as well as your saved games. To significantly reduce the file size, you could then delete all but one or two saves from the zip (leaving the latest save, and maybe the most recent save with the books and oldest where they were no longer listed).
Thank you for the instructions and creating the support ticket Raze.
Same issue in russian version of Enchanced edition. Steam. Honoured mode.
Skillbooks dissapear from Teller of Secrets before i even buy any of two. I speedrun through game and unlocked her place at characters level 3 and in my save with ~5000 gold she have both books. But when i collect gold worth at least one book on the same level 3, She do not have any of them anymore. Fix it please.
P.S. I load old savegame twice(in both cases she was with 2 books on start) and twice i collect different amount of money and twice both books dissapeared from vendor.
P.P.S. I dispose from all money but this is not helping. Maybe it related with something else. Neither money nor XP(not earn even single xpoint since load the saves). And i did not touched her maps. All i did to her is move both books in trade list to count how much money i need. Then cancel trade and went for money earning.
P.P.P.S. I made a few experiments. After cancelling trade i tried to trade again - books still there. I teleported to Cyseal, take a few coins and go back - books still there. Can't find the moment, when they will dissapear. Still have savegames with, and without books.
P.P.P.P.S. I manage to barter one book from her, but when i collect every item in her library(without exiting location) second book dissapeared from her inventory.
Update: i tried just to wait for a few minutes. Then started conversation and start trade - book is there. Exit trade(still in conversation) enter trade again - book dissapeared!
I repeated it without dialogue. No movements, no save. Critical factor of book dissapearing is time. Why?
Update: books not respawning after levelUp anymore and still dissapearing after some time even if i level 4 instead of 3. I can assume that they were nerfed about respawn, but dissapearing is another deal.
I'm having this issue too, I saw the books the first time I talked to her but I didn't have gold to buy at the time, went back now and the books are gone. Sent an email with my savefile. Thanks!
This is probably the same bug where victoria gets to update her inventory, and she doesn't keep the book of fairy.
looks like 5 hours ingame time they just go away. even if you are mid conversation with her..
I m playing with a friend, I don t know if this is suppose to work like this but i bought the 2 books and my friend can't ? That's is really weird .
Originally Posted by mythinc2
looks like 5 hours ingame time they just go away. even if you are mid conversation with her..

You should be ok if you haven't interacted with her at all -- i'm not sure if that means not being near her (i.e. going upstairs to the library), or simply not viewing her inventory. But I went to her pretty late, and the bug happened after that, so reloaded a save.
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