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In the orc landing fight, just before you get to cyseal, I casted headvice from my wand on an archer (black cultist or something). The spell landed and she was blinded, yet she continued to shoot characters every turn.

This is not intended right?
You had a wand with "Headvice" from the start? Nice.. And your sure they had the "blinded" icon? Looks like an open Eye..

If so, then no, its not intended.. Blind means exactly what it sounds.. Blind, lol.. The chance to hit, the chance for status effect to hit, and then the chance for that enemies to attack while afflicted would be a bit ridiculous.. It would severaly gimp Enchanters/CC!
Yeah it's broken. I tested it again. This time I blinded my rogue and gave him a cross bow. He was still able to shoot the target that was 5m away, and there was no drop in his accuracy either (positions changed slightly, but 5m away still low 80s hit chance).

Yes I verified he was "blinded" 3 turns. Not sure if this just affects headvice or all blinds.

And yeah you start with an air wand as an inquistor and takes about 8-9 AP to use because of low skill when you start.

Followup: Blinded my caster next, still able to attack with wands and spells at range. Already tried crossbows with the rogue, and those worked too. So doesn't seem blind is doing anything..... This is on tactician btw, not sure that matters.
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