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Posted By: Matt Peckham Xbox One Menu (Character / Log) Bug - 07/11/20 03:05 AM
My menus in the Xbox One version of the game have a serious alignment issue. When you go into the menu wheel and select "Character" or "Log," the tabs start from the center of the screen. So under "Character," the first tab, "Status," is in the middle of the screen instead of at left, and when you tab right, you see "Attributes," and then "Abilities" is cut off, and whatever the fourth one is ("Talent"?) is completely hidden.

Same thing under "Log." The tabs start with "Quest Log" in the center of the screen, then you see "Secret" and part of "Dialogue," then nothing of the two after that - though the information below changes appropriately.

Anyone else having this issue on Xbox One? I have an Xbox One X, and I've tried everything, including resetting my Xbox One to factory default settings, re-downloading the game, preventing sync, starting a new game (to ensure not a savegame bug), etc. Nothing fixes it.

All the other menus appear to be fine, it's just those two, "Character," and "Log."

I have the same problem playing on Xbox One. I need the text allignment sorted out. It's driving me crazy. I beg for the text to move left freeing me of this curse but alas every option I choose doesn't change it. Please fix it or at least can someone tell me how to fix it. It's so annoying. Please "Status" and "Quest Log" just move to the left so I can see your friends once more. I just see "Abil" and "Dialogu". Please someone fix this nonsense
Posted By: ToudyGamer Re: Xbox One Menu (Character / Log) Bug - 16/11/21 06:57 AM
I did buy this game yesterday on XBOX series X and bug with menus being pushed off screen is still there. Tried reinstalling couple times, different graphics setting off/on nothing helps. Can you please fix this ? Its really immersion breaking and annoying. Thank you.
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