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Posted By: Xen Virtual reality and/or 1st person perspective - 22/01/16 12:58 PM
With the occulus rift coming out 28 March 2016 and HTC Vive scheduled for around April, I thought I'd ask what sort of support was planned for VR. Definitely don't worry too much about it atm, but it's probably a good idea to at least familiarise yourselves with the APIs so you can more easily add VR support in the future (besides Valve is probably still offering free VR development kits for established game developers like yourselves).

According to Norm over at "third-person camera is still something developers need to figure out." [] That definitely makes this a low priority atm, but a little thought and planning now could save a lot of effort later, and I strongly suspect within 3-5 years VR will be a necessity for games (i.e. once costs come down enough).

Regardless, have you thought about enabling a first person view too? Since the assets are now full 3D, that could be a nice feature for between fights - being able to build a landscape with the editor and then explore it 1st person would be awesome and much more immersive, even without VR goggles.
VR can't just be tacked onto any game. Most of the games that currently work well for VR are games that are designed specifically for VR.

I do not agree first person mode or VR should be within the scope of D:OS2. There are too many design problems that would have to be solved for this to work. A shallow implementation would be terrible.
I agree that a vr/first person approach would be out of scope for this game.

AR on the other hand would probably be pretty fun. (See the Microsoft hololense) Having divinity on your coffee table would be amusing for sure.

That being said I don't see either as being officially supported as it would be a waste of resources for what is ultimately a gimmick.
I'd be more than satisfied if they simply implemented support for 3D displays. I imagine this would be relatively easy...?
I just don't think dos2 is the type of game which lends itself to use in virtual reality

Virtual reality is all about presence and feeling like you're inhabiting a virtual body in a different world.
The aesthetic and camera style for dos2 just really doesn't support that kind of design.
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