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On Armor/Weapon Appearance

Posted By: GeneralKong

On Armor/Weapon Appearance - 29/09/16 05:59 PM

I guess this might be a longshot, but I was wondering there there might be a chance of a appearance option, where lets say you like the look of an armor, but not its stats, upon wearing it, it gets added to you "Closet" and you can use that appearance on any armor/weapon in the future
Posted By: Gelatinous Rube

Re: On Armor/Weapon Appearance - 30/09/16 01:32 AM

Does gear really have a unique appearance in the game? I got the impression it was all based on the character race, and that one item would look different on one character than another.
Posted By: Ayvah

Re: On Armor/Weapon Appearance - 30/09/16 02:26 AM

I expect there will be a few variations for each type of armour & race, but I'm not expecting it to be too deep (D:OS1 didn't).
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