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Posted By: Nikshes Character calculator DOS2 (Work in progress) - 24/03/17 06:35 PM

I'm working on simple character calculator for DOS2.
I want to introduce it to you
Also I want to ask you to try it by yourself.
Please, leave feedback and suggestions. It will help a lot smile

P.S. Sorry for my English : P
P.S.S. Style in progress

Hey that's pretty good ! I will surely use it for my next playthrough.

Thanks and keep it up ^...^
First update are here:
-added basic styles;
-changed text colors;
-minor fixes;

P.S. if you have old style press ctrl+F5
Thanks something like this will help a guy lazy with numbers like me
-fix minor bugs
-fix style for different resolutions
-added full reset button
-fix buttons in firefox browser
Could you add tabs for Party member 1,2,3,4 ?
Update (Divinity original sin 2: v3.0.50.423):
- Added Polymorph combat skill
- Added Summoning combat skill
- Improved general style

Originally Posted by Morbo
Could you add tabs for Party member 1,2,3,4 ?

Yeah, its possible, but may be better 1 tab and save build link?
Just something that gives a party summary. I have had multiple occurences were I invested character 1 in bartering and then 4 hours later I invest it in party member 4 (because I forgot).

That is why I love this planning tool since it allows you to plan ahead for your next level up.

char 1: will be my shopper (barter)
char 2 :will be my leader (leadership)
-Added tooltips;
-Added needed level feature;
-New style;
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