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Posted By: Draco359 Earth/Oil elemental damage - 31/05/17 12:25 AM
Hi,I just wanted to ask the community's opinion on a matter regarding earth/oil elemental damage ; do you guys think it should damage physical armor in place of magical armor?

The upside of having earth/oil elemental damage hit physical armor is that it makes earth staves more viable for Inquisitors.

However, I am biased in seeing this change implemented because I want staff and warfare to be eficient in I need you guys to give your advice and highlight some possible downsides if possible.
Posted By: waterzxc Re: Earth/Oil elemental damage - 31/05/17 01:31 AM
Earth/ Fire combo is the only thing that is keeping mages viable at the moment. If half of that damage targets physical armour, mages will have no way to burst through magic armour.

Since the slow from oil pool is so useful that it's one of the core strengths of mages, if mages can no longer rely on it, might as well remove magic spells, and make only physical armour exists.
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