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Posted By: ElectricCraze Soundtrack - 17/09/17 12:58 PM
I backed the game on kickstarter and I'm supposed to get the soundtrack, but I have absolutely no idea where it is. I have the game installed etc...
Any help?
Posted By: Raze Re: Soundtrack - 17/09/17 01:18 PM

For tiers with regular game keys and some digital rewards, they will be distributed through the Vault (which was recently set up). For tiers with Collector's Edition versions of the game, the digital rewards will be available through Steam and GOG (though GOG has not added it yet).
Posted By: Wellzy4eva Re: Soundtrack - 17/09/17 01:19 PM
Have you tried ?
Posted By: ElectricCraze Re: Soundtrack - 17/09/17 02:46 PM
Found it, thanks!
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