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Posted By: brundle Jar's? honey? - 27/09/17 01:16 PM
ive tried every version of a bottle i have, i cant seem to find a single plain jar to get honey from a bee hive

ive checked every act1 vendor every time they refresh and i still cant find a single jar....

anyone have any idea if there not avaialable till after act 1?
just want to harvest some honey lol

Posted By: vometia Re: Jar's? honey? - 27/09/17 01:20 PM
You can find specific honey jars IIRC but they're not very common.
Posted By: Toazd Re: Jar's? honey? - 27/09/17 03:43 PM
I've scoured Act 1 on at least four different runs and found zero honey jars. I'm not saying it's not possible to find them in Act 1. But, I've only found them beginning in Act 2. The lack of "charm" in Act 1 is "repulsive." think
Posted By: Moridin11 Re: Jar's? honey? - 27/09/17 04:13 PM
I think i have about 10-15 jars of honey. I've actually passed them up now. They are all over the place in Act II
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