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Posted By: Brimsurfer Have I bought the game too early? - 31/10/17 12:47 PM
With all this talk about the bugs and broken fights / events and with unanswered questions such as the optimal way to experience the game (main character, custom or origin?). I am getting the feeling that I should have waited for a few months, allowed for a few patches to come in and opinions to build about various play styles. Price would have gone down a bit by then as well and a lot of things would be fixed or revised.

Does anyone else thinks so?
Posted By: CatR Re: Have I bought the game too early? - 31/10/17 12:51 PM
"Unanswered questions such as the optimal way to experience the game"? Now that is a funny idea, that there is one objective optimal way to enjoy something. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me how to optimally enjoy chocolate.
I'd say you bought it too late, because it was stable on release. Ran like a clock. A dodgy clock, mind, but a clock. But yeah, this is not the optimal time to play the game, of that you can be sure. As for why it is, I'd say it's 100% due to bugs that cause grievances, for I have not seen a single part of game outside of the mechanical issues that have upset me.
Posted By: Brimsurfer Re: Have I bought the game too early? - 31/10/17 12:56 PM
chocolate's a chocolate, its not a computer software... not sure why you are confusing the two.
Posted By: Yuri Lowell Re: Have I bought the game too early? - 31/10/17 01:55 PM
Yes I think a lot of people would agree with you. There is also a large amount of people on the forums though, who seem more outspoken and a little delusional defending the game's faults in any way or form. You also didn't did buy to late like CarR claims, there have been gamebreaking bugs from release. Patches have made it even worse. I would have been glad not to have spend my money on the early acces version of the game. Would I've bought it on release instead, I would try to get a refund on steam right away. So I could eventually buy the enhanced edition.
Posted By: Wakko Re: Have I bought the game too early? - 01/11/17 07:16 AM
I think the game is fine and you dont have to worry so much about bugs.
I havent encountered a game breaking bug so far nor something that made me not wanna play the game. If the genere of this game is something you like the go for it without a second thought. There are bugs mostly quest related ones but that doesnt take away the joy of playing a good game. As a casual average gamer this is my point of view. Other than that its up to you.
Posted By: GreatGuardsman Re: Have I bought the game too early? - 01/11/17 01:01 PM
I certainly would not, and have not, recommended the game in its current state; and while I'm not of the "wait for the Enhanced Edition/overhaul mod' crowd there's still a strong arguement for waiting until the game's basic functionalities are, well, functional.
I'm looking at you, quests and questlog.
Posted By: Lady Cassandra Re: Have I bought the game too early? - 01/11/17 01:49 PM
I've completed the game 3 times now with no major problems. The only bugs I have encountered are annoying but not game breaking in the least.

Minor annoyances I've encountered, without spoils:
1. A trader who is on my boat act 2-4 will not trade with me. His dialogue and trade screen show up, but clicking to buy or sell has no effect. Gear is hard to come by later in the game and he sells good stuff.
2. Quest logs in Act 2
3. Nonsensical dialogue

That is pretty much it. Other than those I listed, the game is solid and still the GOAT in my opinion.

Posted By: Vlambaar Re: Have I bought the game too early? - 01/11/17 02:24 PM
If you have the patience and self-control then it's always better to wait at least 6 months after release to pick up a new game. It's just common sense that you'll have a much more polished end-product and a better first impression.

I didn't have the patience to wait myself but I hope to see much support for the game over the coming months because there is plenty of room for improvement.

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