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Beginning tomorrow, every day until Christmas, we'll be posting a new comic telling the tale of a glorious Gamemaster mode campaign, featuring some brave (or not-so-brave) adventurers and their GM. But it's more than just fun and games-master-mode: hidden somewhere in each comic will be an extra festive surprise - a three-digit code hidden somewhere in the picture that'll unlock exclusive digital Divinity swag!

All you have to do is find each day's three digit code, then click on the link below the daily image to unlock your prizes.

We've got new goodies for you every day until the 25th December, but each download is only available for 24 hours. Remember to check back again tomorrow, because once we hit midnight (Pacific Time) today's reward is gone forever!

But wait, there's more! Not only do you get daily comics and gifts - our friends at RAZER also threw in some cool presents! We'll be raffling these off on random days over the next few weeks, so watch out for those competitions on the Larian Facebook page and Twitter.

Let the Christmas spirit begin! Looking forward to the comics!
Apparently, the quota to download the reward has already been reached! frown
May I suggest using Amazon S3 or your own server instead of Google Drive? It seems to cap quite early.
Where is the calendar? Larian's twitter links me to this, but the image can't be clicked on, unlike last year's, so it doesn't seem to be the right thing.

EDIT: Oh here it is. But not really any point in trying to claim a reward since the quota is exceeded already.
Calendar: Day 1 - Let the games begin!
Nicely hidden. Took me a while.
Seems like a good start and I can't wait what else are we gonna get this year.

Nice work Larian!
Originally Posted by The Composer
Apparently, the quota to download the reward has already been reached! frown
May I suggest using Amazon S3 or your own server instead of Google Drive? It seems to cap quite early.

It seems to be browser-dependent. I got the same problem when I used Firefrog, but Internet Explorer on my games PC downloaded the file with no bother... But yeah, basic file-sharing like that should really be browser-agnostic.
Yeah that sounds odd. I'm using Chrome. I'll try Firefox.
If it's browser-dependent, then... okay it does work. Sweet!
Well hidden indeed. Nasty!
And thanks I love the gift!

(worked in Firefox)
Larian Studio trying to kill my -already bad- eyesight since Decembre 2016.
If all the codes are going to be as hiden as this one i'll end up blind. Nevermind, worth it.

Astuce for thoses who have not find yet: the zoom in the browser won't be enought... Well the 300% on Firefox was not enought.

Good luck!
Download exceeded for all 3 browsers for me. :X

Hmm another tough one. Did anyone already find it? And can you confirm it is not the black/grey contrast it was yesterday. (which I had seriously trouble seeing at all). No actual hints please!
Who wrote the comic? This game doesn't use platinum/gold/silver/copper. So I guess this is less related to the game than expected.

I found it, it's not black and grey. You need to download the comics and zoom in with an image viewer to find the things.
They redid today's after a bunch of us moaned it was too hard. biggrin

The comic and the game do seem to be somewhat vaguely acquainted; but maybe it's more of a tabletop thing, of which I have no experience.
^ reminder that moaning is a British term and to the rest of the world it has a completely different meaning smile
Originally Posted by Evangeline
^ reminder that moaning is a British term and to the rest of the world it has a completely different meaning smile

Moaning about something being too hard thus varies in meanings, doesn't it 😏 Hard packages, I mean. *Coughs* Under the tree for Christmas Eve.
I think most things can have rude connotations if one tries hard enough. Oo-er, sounds a bit like bum, etc.

Yeah found it later somwhere around lunch. Wierd I could have sworn I looked at that place earlier.... well sometime you are just blind. Still Beast pics yay!! @ Larian the next should be naked. e.g. -> beardless Dwarf. laugh Imagine the horror!

Yesterday was the problem with black/grey I actually hat to look like 3 times at the spot until I recognized it. My eyes seem to be a lot worse then I thought. frown
I still don't understand how we're supposed to go to play each day?

The link to day 1 page has now expired, and while it gives a link to a page with the whole series so far, that page doesn't have a link to the new day's page where you can put in the code.

Edit: I guess we're supposed to go to twitter or facebook to the find the link each day... That wasn't very clear from the announcement (and I don't regularly use these platforms). It reads as though you only needed to go there for the Razer giveaways.

Day 2:
Yeah, there's no link I can see from the main page, so I've just ended up following the links on Facebook, or did once I'd finished scratching my head anyway.
Same. Managed to find it on Facebook in the end. It's a social media marketing thing I guess.. Although a bit disappointed in the goodies, I thought it was gonna be in-game loot.
Hmmm I am blind again. Can someone give me a hint on todays comic?

That one btw is suspicious close to my pathfinder campaign! Right out of virtual life. laugh
Found it! :P
Originally Posted by MAsterX
Hmmm I am blind again. Can someone give me a hint on todays comic?

Haven't a clue, I'm afraid. I spent about as long scrutinising that one as I could bear...
Hint: it's red.
Wow how could I not see that. Thanks for the hint!
Originally Posted by Evangeline
Hint: it's red.

Oh I see: I nearly had the right place from your last clue but I'm obviously having a particularly unobservant day!
Is anyone able to actually open todays page?
I just get a Sebille-background page and not content.
It's . The 'to' part was probably pasted in by accident.
Originally Posted by MAsterX
I just get a Sebille-background page

Sebille.. <3
Holy crap! Today was crazy! I'm not even sure i would have find if i hadn't cheat by boosting the contrast in photoshop!
Larian went crazy with today gift xD
I still do not know what it is and to be honest I do not care anymore. After the deathstar comic where black in black numbers were done I kinda stopped looking for them serious.
If you hide them well -> cool, numbers in a box full of numbers -> alright as well, but to be physically unable to see them that is just not hiding anymore thats cheating and takes out all the fun of searching.

Sorry Larian that was waaaay overdone. frown
Well. I have been counting sheep, buttons and leaves while deciding wether to write this or not.

I lost, so here goes...

I am REALLY angry that so many people write about great gifts from Larian during december.

Simply because I don't subscribe to social media I don't get to participate or get any of the loot.

(yes we are some people who couldn't care less about pictures of people's breakfasts and stupid little memes intensely peppered with useless crap).

And since Larian is "Reading it all"...
Shame on you.
It probably does fit in with the ethos of people who spend far too much time on social media (e.g. me). biggrin The prizes are mostly fun stuff like phone backgrounds but nothing really unmissable, except maybe Lohse's song.
I would prefer a worthy successor for the first game. The comic is quite enjoyable, but I do not even bother to look for these numbers after some small tries with having no idea how I should even search. ^^
Hm is it on purpose that todays ringtones are the same as the last two (earlier this month) just this time both combined in one package? Seems suspicious I mean we already have then. Are you sure you zipped the correct ones?

Merry Christmas everyone!
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