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Look at Call of Duty that has their SP, MP etc. as seperate DLC so you can toggle them on and off.
As is, having both Classic and DE under the same install lead to just one conclusion for me;

Uninstall Divinity: Original Sin II?

when you launch the game you're given the option to play either the classic version or the definitive edition

am i misunderstanding? what is the complaint here?
70gb space instead of just 30-35gb (especially if you have no intention of playing other version anymore)
confusion with saves (and using the same auto- quick- saves slots for both versions that may lead to data loss)
workshop that mix DE and classic mods that'll make it harder to search later when they'll release definitive editor...

well...I can see why OP may complain.
there's no confusion with saves, classic saves work on classic and definitive saves work on definitive

the rest of your post is nonsense

i'd like the OP to clarify their complaint since, unless i'm misunderstanding, they think they're being forced to play DE, which is not true
Originally Posted by miaasma
there's no confusion with saves, classic saves work on classic and definitive saves work on definitive

there is.
we've started our DE campaign on 31. and after a while auto and qucksaves reached limit and started overwriting my classic autosaves that were apparently in the same folder. so when I've returned to classic to finish my solo campaign I found that I've lost some of my progress because I had no idea it'll be overwritten.

rest of my post are also not nonsense. 35gb may not seem much for some people, but others may have limited space(for example my laptop has only 512gb ssd which I can't replace or expand easily)
and mods are QoL thing. (if you don't use them it doesn't mean others don't)

I don't think OP is forced to play DE, cuz he clearly said that he has both classic and de installed. so I think he knows that he can choose what version to launch.
Yes, doesn't mean I want them both installed, wasting everyone's space.
people on this forum truly do complain about the strangest things
Nobody is forcing you to comment here. If you don't mind having 35GB of dead weight, hey, more power to you. Me, that's a bit too much.
Originally Posted by miaasma
people on this forum truly do complain about the strangest things
What is strange about it?

A game that needs 20GB (the DE) requiring another 30 GB for an old version of the game you don't play?

I don't have a cap on internet (some people do though don't forget) but my download speeds are slow. I also only have a 120GB SSD and 30GB of pointless unused stuff is a lot.

How is that a strange complaint? Not everyone has huge amounts of dasd and uncapped fibre. It takes unwanted space and (if you were to reinstall not just upgrade) unwanted bandwidth and time.

It wouldn't (didn't) stop me playing it as you can delete the old "data" folder but it would be better all round if the games were separate like DOS and DOS EE were.

Not to mention the most important thing promised has not been done (inventory management on PC), no change log has been published (except leaked ones that have not been completed) and complete silence from Larian about any of the bugs reported (including whether deleting the old "Data" folder is valid to save space) make it a rather disappointing patch.

It isn't a bad patch, there are some nice changes, but they are undocumented and frankly minor. The disk use one though is a perfectly valid complaint for those of us not on top-notch (OK, in my case, crap) hardware.
i am playing the tiniest violin for people complaining about a free update including a rewrite of a whole act of the game because of "disk space"
Yes, we already knew you were a petty troll, now please go away?
a petty troll post for a petty troll thread i'd say
Wow, you are really against any kind of reasonable critique it seems. laugh
i'm just against lazily produced critiques that amount to little more than entitlement and whining

aka all 1600 of your posts

you'll notice there are plenty of threads pointing out reasonable criticisms of the game i don't comment on. it's far from a perfect game

i just call out whiny babies like you
I'm going to side with Hassat Hunter on this one. It's not a great idea to force the customer to install an extra 20 GB of stuff which is only there for the Classic edition and is not applicable to the DE.

Because it was not a fresh install, but an update, I got screwed over for a while because in the year+ since I first installed the DOS 2 alpha, the HD I was using had filled up, and I couldn't actually get the DE to work and could not figure out why until I checked and realized it wasn't on the drive I had thought it was.

I also couldn't tell Steam to just shift my DOS 2 installation to a drive with more space because "Can't move the game, an update is required". I had to delete other stuff to first free up enough space.

Yeah anyone attacking or insulting for staying having both together is a bad idea, is a dick. It's unnecessary to download an additional 20g for no reason. Especially because the first dos had a seperate ee edition.
Such a selection screen might be usefull for selecting between the first and the second game if both are installed, but for selecting between Origin and DE is just pointless and annoying, if it forces you to keep both versions installed. People will tend to either play the one or the other, hardly both, because for the most part they are the same game.
Just to voice another point of view (not that I really want to participate to this charming conversation) some of us are actually happy that this game is only one ID, because it avoids having double achievements, and having an "unfinished game" if you didn't go through it the first time (which was my case).

I know, it's a lame thing to be happy for, but hey, each of us cares about different things.
I concur they could put a system to choose if you want to install either one of them.
Games like GTA or WoW take so much space than D:OS is still "okay".
GTA V takes less than D:OS2 now AFAIK.

That's why I was pointing at the option to make both versions "DLC" so you can switch them on and off, without having to manually dig into files and potentially delete the wrong ones.
If you want one? That's possible. Want the other? Possible. Both? Possible. Just not required.

I doubt GOG has both versions installed with it's installer, does it?
A new ID isn't necessary entirely, but having a way not to DL/install a 30GB deadweight? Yeah, that should have been there. And it wouldn't be too difficult to add rather than having people instruct to delete stuff manually (Or DL all this before deleting it in the first place).
Gog does download both versions, I had to delete 30gig of files!
fair enough
Originally Posted by miaasma
fair enough
I think you would have a better reception on Steam forums than here.

These forums are for suggestions and ideas rather than nastiness.

Everyone has their ideas - there is no need to "call them out" for their "entitlement".
i don't post here for reception from other posters, i post here to give feedback on a feedback forum

if your complaint stems from entitlement - and a lot do - then you might as well hear it from someone instead of waiting with bated breath for it to be acknowledged by a dev

by your logic, there's no need to call me out for my "nastiness"
I wonder if there is a business/marketing (or technical) perspective as to why the game is listed under one name rather than two on Steam? I would imagine from a Steam search perspective, not having to start your review feedback from scratch could be beneficial to the Steam Store algorithms? It might make key redeeming easier? I'm presuming now that anyone who buys the Steam edition now gets both versions which I don't believe was the case with the D:OS:EE. (But I could be wrong)

I do feel that if they could, it would be beneficial to have classic as a optional DLC that can be uninstalled, but I would be interested to hear a response from someone who understands the Steam and GOG architecture as to the reasons why they felt supplying only the full package was the best course before .
The D:OS steampackage contains both Classic and DOS:EE, so no that's not it. It's very easy to have a single purchase enable 2 games.

Benefits of a single install: The reviews stay I suppose. That might be it? Less listings in your library of games.
Benefits of 2 games: People don't have to install a ton of deadweight, another set of Trading cards (= money for devs), another listing under "new releases" being PR. People get a +1 wink

So... beats me. It seems the 2 games system got way more benefits than the current one, so yeah, I also wonder why they did as they did.
Wait, is the point that you have to have both classic and Definitive installed together, or nothing at all? So you end up wasting hard drive space on a version you don't intend to play?

If that's the case, then yes it is an issue that should be fixed. Especially with more affordable SSDs having limited storage compared to old HDDs, 35BG is nothing to dismiss. Wasted space is wasted space. Especially with Steam's archaic updating process requiring free space equal the entire size of a game regardless of how small the update is.

For example, for Total War Warhammer 2, I once downloaded a 109mb update and had to clear up something like 80GB of free space just to patch it. Even though it only changed a few smaller files. Ridiculous.

Data bloating like this isn't good form, especially since it's not always along the lines of "just this one game" because the more developers that do this, the more the problem is compounded.

Or am I getting it wrong? I admit I started skimming because some of the posts looked to be taking a toxic tone.

The autosave/quicksave loss is obviously an issue that should be resolved as well.
Originally Posted by BoogieMan
Wait, is the point that you have to have both classic and Definitive installed together, or nothing at all? So you end up wasting hard drive space on a version you don't intend to play?

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter
Originally Posted by BoogieMan
Wait, is the point that you have to have both classic and Definitive installed together, or nothing at all? So you end up wasting hard drive space on a version you don't intend to play?

Well you can delete the old game directory.

If you redownload you need to clear space for the lot and then download it all and delete what you don't want.

Not ideal but perhaps there was a commercial reason.
The downside of that is I'm pretty sure if the game is patched, it'll redownload the missing 35GB all over again before you can play again smirk
Originally Posted by Linio

Games like GTA or WoW take so much space than D:OS is still "okay".

Actually, my DOS 2 folder is now larger than my WoW folder by about 3 gigs ... To me it seems pretty presumptuous to assume that larger downloads and/or requiring double the disk space wouldn't be significant problems for numerous players. For me personally it really raises fish or cut bait issues.

As someone who prefers to play magic users and dislikes "physical vs. magical armor" as a party-composition driver (on top of disliking the game's depiction of cruelty to animals and creation of a canon hero for Divine Divinity), I set it aside after playing through Fort Joy several times, but didn't delete it in order to leave the door open for changes in either my outlook or Larian's game. I now have to ask myself, do I really want to devote over 60 gigs to a game I'm unsure I'll play.
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