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Okay I am totally confused by the Fane Ending. This is my first time completing the game.

It talked about how all the races became slaves to the Eternals, and now I'm back on the boat and everyone hates me for what I did.

The thing is I didn't choose any of this, I've played Fane as a good guy through and through. At no point did I make any decision to enslave the world. I assumed Divinity, and promised my party members I would make good decisions in their interests. They all voluntarily decided to let me ascend since they trusted me.

I am not seeing any of that with this ending.

What happened? What is going on?? At no point did I commit to anything evil and I did not swear allegiance to the God King. But that was what my [Fane] dialogue option was for which I didn't select.

This is horrible, it's like nothing I chose mattered whatsoever. I'm forced to do a 180 and become an evil slaver.

I quit playing the game originally due to bugs and other issues. I figured that now with the Definitive out, I'd finally finish Classic before starting a new game on the new version.

I have to say this seems like a catastrophic bug. I took my time and really absorbed the game, to cap off my first playthrough at upwards 130 hours with this... is pretty disappointing to say the least.

Is there some way I can fix this?
Is this on the classic edition? I hope that's not the issue in Def then, considering this ending seems stupid and doesn't match the experience and choices you've made.
Yes, it's on classic.
if it's any consolation, none of the endings are terribly compelling
It's similar a sensation as if Star Wars just faded to black and ended as soon as Luke fired the proton torpedoes at the Death Star's vent. You don't get to see what happened. All that investment for no payoff.
You finally reached the center of the galaxy, and all you get is a new game + :'D
AHHH! I had finally gotten that garbage out of my head!
This is unfortunately a somewhat well-known bug that has been in the game for close to a year. Not exactly sure which patch broke it, but I've seen complaints about this dating all the way back to a few months after the game's release.

If you have access to an older save file you can get the regular ending by ensuring Fane never meets or interacts with the small voidwoken bug that appears just before you enter the room where the final fight takes place. Don't ask me why or how, but Fane meeting the aforementioned voidwoken appears to be what triggers the bugged ending.
Thanks, I'll try that next time I play.

For now such a stupid glitch to still exist after all this time and on my first completion of the game.. It has killed my desire to play any more for the time being.
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