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Posted By: KhashayarJan Definitive Edition taking 66GB?! - 04/09/18 05:32 PM
Today I saw my laptop running out of space, and when I checked, I saw Divinity OS 2 taking 66GB on my hard drive.
I had the original D:OS 2 version installed and I think it took around 25GB. After DE came out , I downloaded 7 GB (8GB with the patch I downloaded today).
I want to only play DE and don't intend to play the original version. So, can I delete some files to make more space?

I'm sure it's probably too late ( I would have suggested, had I known you're going to do this) but I wish you'd just release a new game. Like how D:OS 1 and D:OS 1 EE are . So if I wanted to play only the DE, I wouldn't need the original files.

Posted By: miaasma Re: Definitive Edition taking 66GB?! - 04/09/18 06:06 PM
other people have pointed this out, and i think it's true that larian should have released it as a separate download rather than updating the base game. no idea what would have gone into that, but it would have allowed people to uninstall the original version so as to save space
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