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Posted By: Popoliem Should I get this ? - 30/09/18 08:59 AM
Hi guys,

So I loved Baulders gate and Diablo, is this this game similar? I'm currently playing DQ11 but just noticed this got a console release!! advice, comparisons, pros and cons please.

Posted By: Wellzy4eva Re: Should I get this ? - 30/09/18 05:42 PM
Probably depends which Baldur's gate you mean, I'm guessing you are referring to Baldur's Gate dark alliance, both that and Diablo are real-time games, whereas Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a turn-based strategy game.

Now if you like the turn-based fighting in Dragon Quest 11, you might get along with D:OS2, but I'd probably recommend watching a few video reviews and a few playthroughs before diving in.
Posted By: Kalrakh Re: Should I get this ? - 30/09/18 07:39 PM
If you search for an ARPG there just came another out based on the Pathfinder P&P, but as mentioned DOS-games are not ARPG.
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