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Posted By: hooblagoo Kicking Player Char - 31/10/18 08:42 PM
I started a party with 3 people, but 2 of us want to continue using the Lone Wolf perk. We're still in Fort Joy. I dismissed the NPC that we recruited, but I can't figure out how to dismiss the character that the 3rd friend started (the Red Prince). The options are just "chain/unchain" "examine" and whatever else. We can't take advantage of Lone Wolf talent while they're in the party. How can we dismiss this damn Red Prince? I’ve had the player log back in to kick him, and I’ve also tried killing him. I can’t find a way to get him out of the part to use the Lone Wolf talent.

We don’t want to reroll.

Thanks for any help!
Posted By: Kalrakh Re: Kicking Player Char - 05/11/18 09:41 AM
You can't dismiss a player char, he is a player char not a NPC.

Not sure if there is a way to delete him out of the save game files.

Best is to start new would be my guess.
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