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Posted By: Beag Cove Harbour Key - 31/10/15 12:46 PM
I'm trying to open the door to Cove Harbour(in Black Cove) to complete Headless Nick's quest. Check out the picture and tell me is the key I'm trying to find actually behind the door I need to unlock(bug) or is the key located somewhere else.

[Linked Image]
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Posted By: vometia Re: Cove Harbour Key - 31/10/15 12:50 PM
I found it somewhere near the desk on the right of the picture, though the pop-up does tend to obscure the actual location of things.
Posted By: Beag Re: Cove Harbour Key - 31/10/15 01:04 PM
Yeah I've cleaned the room out and the only thing left is that key on the other side of the door, looks like a bug.
Posted By: Anita41a Re: Cove Harbour Key - 31/10/15 01:34 PM
You can teleport someone through the door using air magic OR the scoundrel's teleport skill. I did that 20 min ago :)
Posted By: Beag Re: Cove Harbour Key - 31/10/15 02:38 PM
Damn it Anita, wish I checked this thread earlier I used a magic unlock scroll to get through.
Posted By: DustinMcMahan Re: Cove Harbour Key - 02/11/15 07:59 AM
The key that you are looking for is acquired by going through the trap door in the room with the painting of a woman. If you spin the camera around in that room, you will find a level on the floor. Pull the lever and the painting will move, revealing a trap door. Go through the trap door and do all of the things that you have to do (no spoilers), and you will get the key to that door. I hope this helped!
Posted By: El Zoido Re: Cove Harbour Key - 04/11/15 12:35 AM
So, same issue here.
I've beaten Pontius Pirate and the Source-mutated spider, but haven't found* a way behind the Cove Harbor door. Maybe DustinMcMahan confused it with the black door for which Pontius drops a key?

*I am able to teleport behind the Harbor door by using Wolgraff's scoundrel teleportation-ability, but I wonder if that's the "intended" way (assuming there's something like that at all).
Posted By: Nyanko Re: Cove Harbour Key - 06/11/15 04:05 PM
there is no trap door in that room. Only a button on the wall for me.

ah ok I just found it. Thanks for the tip.
Posted By: Skelegore Re: Cove Harbour Key - 08/12/15 05:46 AM
I walked up to the door, took out half of the teleport pyramid tossed it through the door and teleported past it, key is on the bench.
Posted By: Fishslap Re: Cove Harbour Key - 09/07/16 07:47 AM
Since it hasn't been mentioned here, I'm pretty sure this is different on the master tactician level. My first game was on normal and the key for the Cove Harbor door just dropped somewhere below the trap door and I never even thought about it. But on MT I got a bit stuck before I discovered that the key is actually on the bench on the other side of the door. You can either use TK to pick it up or teleport/cloak and dagger through the door to get it.
Posted By: Raze Re: Cove Harbour Key - 09/07/16 08:10 AM

That is one of the differences in the EE between Explorer / Classic difficulty modes and Tactician / Honour.
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