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Posted By: Vince Bly Loot No Longer Random?!! - 08/11/15 12:27 AM
I'm playing the Enhance Edition with the patch from GOG on Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 8 GB RAM, using a mouse and keyboard.

I am very disappointed to find that loot is fixed once you open a container. That is, reloading the game and opening the container again gives the same loot as the first time. Even going back to a previous save doesn't change the outcome.

Does anyone know if this is due to the patch? If so, I will start over without the patch. I realize not everyone thinks this is the "right" way to play the game, but I like it. It's a bit like playing the slots--you might get lucky if you try often enough.
Posted By: Gyson Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 08/11/15 12:53 AM
Luck and chance are hard things to balance around. Loot is generated in advance now, and that allows the developers to have better control over what is (or isn't) falling into the player's hands at a given point, making the game easier to balance.

So, yeah, save-scumming was removed. It's not a byproduct of a patch, it's a feature of the enhanced edition.
Posted By: Vince Bly Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 08/11/15 12:57 AM
@Gyson, Thanks. Good to know.
Posted By: Sotanaht Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 08/11/15 02:06 AM
It was only semi-removed. Sometimes the loot does regenerate, sometimes (most of the time) it doesn't. I haven't been able to come to any concrete conclusions about how the system works now, but it seems that I can get at most 1 "reroll" by savescumming, and after that it's never going to change.
Posted By: rnarchlord Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 08/11/15 02:11 AM
You have two tries when looting containers and chests. In some cases the loot will change between the first time you open the container and the second but never more after that. If they are empty on the first try a reload may pop in some loot but then the loot is fixed and doesn't change with additional reloads. And some chests are fixed as soon as you open them and do not change with a reload.
Posted By: Sotanaht Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 08/11/15 02:19 AM
That's definitely what seems to be the case. The question is why? It's a very strange way to generate loot. One would assume that if they meant to eliminate savescumming they would eliminate it, not build a system that lets you sometimes do it just once. I think something is broken here but I don't really know what.
Posted By: Dr Koin Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 08/11/15 02:39 AM
The logic was that loot were now zone-generated, ie whenever you enter a zone for the first time the entire loots are generated - chests, creatures, etc.
However yes there is this "first time generation" and second time reroll thingy.
Maybe something didn't work as planned laugh
Posted By: EnderWiggin Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 09/11/15 10:12 AM
Looks like order of opening is affecting loot. Tested in treasure room after mirror dungeons. There are 4 treasure chests and depending on order of opening I've got different results. But always same result if opened in same order.
Posted By: Madscientist Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 09/11/15 12:42 PM
I have the feeling the system changed with the last patch. Before the content of a container changed once when reloading. Now it is always the same when you reload.

I have another question:
When does the inventory of shops change?
In the original game (not EE) it was randomly created when you talk to that char the first time and then it changed randomly again when you gained a level. (at least I think so).

Posted By: Quaxo Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 09/11/15 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by Madscientist

When does the inventory of shops change?

Posted By: Sotanaht Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 10/11/15 12:07 AM
Interestingly, it seems that the Merchant at the end of time changes whether or not the game is open, while other vendors only change after an hour passes in game. I could be mistaken, I haven't actually recorded their inventories to be sure, but it definitely appears this way.
Posted By: Baardvark Re: Loot No Longer Random?!! - 10/11/15 01:46 AM
They should figure out a way to take advantage of the bug where you can sort of reload once and get new loot and instead make a skill based on lucky charm that lets you reroll items in a chest 1 time. Just have to make sure that skill isn't savescummable (the solution which may be found in this bug's source) and there's a way to make lucky charm actually useful and fun.

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