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Posted By: Rizilliant Headless Zombie: "?" - 15/11/15 03:24 PM
I've noticed this for every single Headless Zombie i encounter.. They all have a blinking "?" above their heads.. I dont see any quest for them, and i dont understand what/if this status effect is, or means..

Anyone seen this, or know what the reason for it be?
Posted By: darkflemish Re: Headless Zombie: "?" - 15/11/15 03:51 PM
A body without a head is a body without direction for where to go and what to do.

Dark Flemish

Posted By: eidolon Re: Headless Zombie: "?" - 15/11/15 04:49 PM
The headless zombies are new enemies from the EE. The description in the changelog states
Headless zombies are fast but blind. As long as the player keeps moving, zombies will
have to look for them.
Posted By: rnarchlord Re: Headless Zombie: "?" - 15/11/15 08:29 PM
The question mark simply means they don't know where you are and where to go until you do something to attract them. Attack then move and they remained confused.
Posted By: galneon Re: Headless Zombie: "?" - 16/11/15 11:06 PM
Are these impossible to backstab without status effects?
Posted By: rnarchlord Re: Headless Zombie: "?" - 17/11/15 01:31 AM
All zombies bleed poison so killing one close to you causes ooze to flow and possibly poison you. They also have a disease attack. Best to kill them at a distance or with a long two handed weapon.
Posted By: galneon Re: Headless Zombie: "?" - 17/11/15 02:08 AM
Ah, I actually meant would it be possible to get them into a position to backstab them without stunning them or similar first. Because of their acute hearing (their neck hole houses a giant eardrum, of course) they face you as soon as you move. Might be possible to backstab them by attacking them with one character while the rogue is already in position for the backstab.
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