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Posted By: corrente Chest Re-load mechanism - 18/11/15 10:05 PM
I've noticed that after a quick save and reload, the chest contents only change once.

While exploring the basement of the tavern/inn, I had a quick save before solving the gas/fireball trap and then another right before opening the superior chest. I opened the chest and disliked the contents. Quick Load my save and opened the chest again -- different contents but nothing I particularly wanted. Quick Load again and opened the chest -- same contents as second attempt. I repeated this another 4 times but the contents remained the same (as the second attempt) each time.

I then Loaded my Quick Save before solving the room, opened the chest and had a new set of contents... but I still didnt want any of it. Loaded that same save, completed the room again and had a forth set of items. So I thought maybe it had to do with Quick Load versus Load.

Performed a Load on the original Quick Save but received the same contents as attempt number 2... So it seems like if I save a certain distance away or maybe if I save far enough back in the solution process, then I can still randomize the loot.

Sorry if that was confusing. Anyone have any solid game mechanics to chest loot?
Posted By: Mikaelion Re: Chest Re-load mechanism - 18/11/15 10:13 PM
...How about you play with what you get..? It's a silly mechanic to begin with, even though the game is a light fantasy game. I know I would get bored after a few quick loads, there's a lot to loot, so the chances are that you'll find something useful really soon anyway.
Posted By: rnarchlord Re: Chest Re-load mechanism - 18/11/15 11:00 PM
This has changed since original. Once you enter a zone the contents are fixed and you only get one reload attempt with chests. For more you have to load a save before you entered the zone and re-enter but again only one reload attempt. Do you want to spend your time constantly reloading hoping for the magic ultimate sword of smiting or do you want want to spend your time playing the game? If this was real life or the movie version would you enjoy watching someone constantly going back to the last scene and opening a chest again? Or would you rather get on with the show?
Posted By: corrente Re: Chest Re-load mechanism - 18/11/15 11:12 PM
Thanks for the info.

That being said, who are you to judge me? I heard the chest in the basement of the tavern in Cyseal has a good chance for an unbreakable sword. I want that sword to beat open chests/doors as I spent no points on Lockpicking. I also didn't hire a "thief" type character from the Homestead so an unbreakable weapon would be ideal.

Notice how my questions uses this particular chest... Not any of the other chests prior to this point in the game. I'm not wasting my time reloading chests and if I was, good for me for doing whatever I feel like with a game I purchased at full price.

A real waste of time would be trolling people who are only trying to better understand a really awesome video game.
Posted By: Mikros04 Re: Chest Re-load mechanism - 19/11/15 01:05 AM
Corrente I used quick save/load to exploit chests like this every chance I could, so no ignorant judgments here, but to be honest I'm kind of glad LS put a stop to this exploit, I wasted a lot of time with it.
Posted By: rnarchlord Re: Chest Re-load mechanism - 19/11/15 06:42 AM
If your read my post again I am not judging you but asking questions. If you want to wast time reloading fine; most of us have done the reload schitk in the original DOS and other games. As for unbreakable weapons, "The Ghoul that Guards the Lighthouse" usually drops one that does a fair amount of damage.

If you have the pyro skill you can also use flare, firefly and, at level 6, fireball to open doors and chests.
Posted By: corrente Re: Chest Re-load mechanism - 19/11/15 05:04 PM
Thanks for the additional info. Also, thanks for the explanation. I've been on GFAQs a bit lately so I'm quick to be defensive of trolls. I apologize for being so defensive.
Posted By: Draba Re: Chest Re-load mechanism - 19/11/15 05:17 PM
One additional note:
With just 1 piece of blacksmith gear and a repair hammer bagged on one of your characters you have unlimited field repairs. Between stints of combat you can return to your crafter so it isn't really needed, but it's damn convenient.
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