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Posted By: eNTi [Linux / GOG] Patches - 16/01/16 08:52 PM
so i just had a flashback to a few months back when wasteland 2 came out and i was getting it from gog... the game had a whooping 13GB and their patches were... well 13GB big. there was only the game... no patches. today i was greeted with a dos patch on gog... guess what. the game has 9gb... no patches... only another 9gb big installer.

well done larian... well done.
Posted By: Raze Re: [Linux / GOG] Patches - 16/01/16 11:49 PM

GOG makes their own patches and installers. They always have.

Whenever they get around to optimizing Galaxy for download size, that should hopefully help with the size of updates, particularly with Mac and Linux.
Posted By: Xen Re: [Linux / GOG] Patches - 18/01/16 05:21 AM
That didn't happen to me. I use ubuntu.
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