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the dragon. I got the impression that the dragon would appear and help during the final boss fight since I took out the witch and released him. But he didn't show up. Did I miss something?

Also, I wonder if I triggered the end-game too fast. After defeating the worm and bosses, I did some looting, then clicked on the boat and it brought up the credits. What about the elf signet quest? I was under the impression that I needed to fight the bosses before I could finish that.

Lastly, someone on here had a photo of his party onboard the ship. I was surprised when I got the end-game credits. Should I replay this and do more exploration before clicking the boat?
Getting on the boat is kind of a 'cheat'. You teleport or jump onto the ship to get there. wink

Some quest can't be finished in the Alpha, because the Alpha contains only the first Act. The first game had at least 4 acts.

The dragon would only help with the Shriekers by killing them, not sure how to trigger it. Guess depends was you talked with him.

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