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Posted By: Lostsheep Crafting. - 15/09/17 03:42 PM
When crafting, is it possible to see only the crafter's inventory rather than the entire party?

Posted By: Concarne Re: Crafting. - 15/09/17 09:45 PM
As far as I know you can only see the inventory of the person crafting. I didn't think it was ever "everyone's" inventory.

I might be mistaking your question though? When you hit 'G' you get the crafting interface. You can select which person you are crafting with in the interface but you are only about to craft with the inventory that is open to you.
Posted By: Lostsheep Re: Crafting. - 16/09/17 08:30 AM
Thanks but when I press "G" I see my selected party member but the inventory of the entire party, which makes selecting the ingredients I want unnecessarily difficult.
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