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Corrosive Touch?

Posted By: Nemik

Corrosive Touch? - 16/09/17 10:52 PM

Hi Guys, does anyone know how to make this skill? Corrosive Touch.
Posted By: Kalrakh

Re: Corrosive Touch? - 16/09/17 10:54 PM

My suggestion would be Decaying Touch and Corrossive Spray?
Posted By: Nemik

Re: Corrosive Touch? - 17/09/17 12:09 AM

Kalrakh nope.
Did anybody crafted it?
Posted By: Sotnik

Re: Corrosive Touch? - 18/09/17 08:07 PM

I have never heard of it, but it might be mistakenly replaced by the corrosive spray.
Posted By: Adrianna

Re: Corrosive Touch? - 18/09/17 10:33 PM

I think its earth + scoundrel.. or necromancy one of those... for corrosive spray its the same thing but with one of the skillbooks being a source skill.
Posted By: StarlightTears

Re: Corrosive Touch? - 20/09/17 03:56 PM

Earth + Necromancy. Must be a source skill book.

Posted By: Stabbey

Re: Corrosive Touch? - 20/09/17 04:15 PM

It doesn't exist right now because it is bugged. The Earth + Necromancy combination produces the source version of the skill, not the touch version of it. Wait for a patch.
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