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Looking for a little clarification.

Was fighting undead where those flaming pigs are.
During the fight I casted regeneration on myself and my character(sebille) took damage. Also since the cleric build has Necro in it everytime she would do damage she would take damage.

What is causing that?


It sounds like one of the undead enemies you fought cast a skill on your Sebille called "Decaying Touch." Decaying Touch will put a debuff on your character called "Decaying" which converts incoming healing from skills and potions to piercing damage to that character.

I cannot confirm at this moment whether or not the damage leech from Necromancer is affected by this so I am not 100% sure this is what happened.
Thanks Toazd, after pouring through the skills I came to the same conclusion.
Since I wiped on that last fight I am going to do it again and I will pay closer attention to what is casted on me.

If you keep up your physical armor with things like Potions of armor (crafting & vendors), Heart of steal (Polymorph 2), Fortified (Geomancer 1), and Mend metal (Geomancer 2) you would discourage the enemy AI from using the skill Decaying Touch because it would be resisted.

If you manage to lose your physical armor and get hit with Decaying Touch, the status effect Decaying can be removed with skills such as Fortified (Geomancer 1) and Bless (Found).
There is also a hydro skill that heals and removes decay cleansing touch? or something like that. my friend in our multiplayer game has it and its saved us a bunch.
Looks like there is Cleanse Wounds (Hydrosophist 1, Warfare 1) and Mass Cleanse Wounds (Hydrosophist 2, Warfare 2) available for the Hydrosophist tree that also clean the decaying status. There could be more but these two alone look to be very useful.
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