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Posted By: Alturis Kerban Attacked us? - 29/09/17 12:59 PM
We were having a very peaceful trade exchange with Kerban in the sanctuary on the island. After several trades between my party members as I hit Accept on the last one he suddenly attacked us. Not sure if this was a bug or I somehow did something to trigger it. I was not attempting to swindle him or anything like that. Just a normal trade exchange if items and gold.
Posted By: Concarne Re: Kerban Attacked us? - 29/09/17 04:58 PM
Most likely you stole an item next to him without you realizing it. If you have a character with telekinesis this is especially dangerous to click around the map. If you are a dialogue clicker like me and use your mouse instead of your keyboard it is likely that the game registered a click on an item right below the option you clicked on and you tried to steal it.
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