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"Every Mother's Nightmare"

Posted By: Hassat Hunter

"Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 12:39 PM

Anyway to actually complete this quest?
I haven't been able to do so in EA, and now on release, again, it seems to lead to absolute nowhere?
Posted By: klattgg

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 01:30 PM

I searched high and low for that ladies daughter and found nothing...

I ended up speaking to the woman again and somehow convinced her that her daughter is dead and she is not coming back. My quest got marked as closed, and I received xp but the woman is still hysterical and yelling for help. So I'm not sure how convincing I really was haha.
Posted By: Ellezard

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 01:44 PM

If you get confused, just look at that website since I have a feeling they just extract the whole thing from the game with all possible outcomes.

You can't help her. She went cray cray.
Posted By: Hassat Hunter

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 02:16 PM

The only thing I get when talking to her it "Go away, Lizards scare her" and 'nevermind'... no option to close the topic or tell her she's loco.

So yeah, uncompletable quest if Lizard? Wow, great design Larian smirk
Posted By: Ellezard

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 03:10 PM

There are a lot of anti-lizard npc. It's just how the world works. Quite a few NPCs in act 1 that can give you free exp won't talk to you for being a lizard.
Posted By: bobwalt

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 05:09 PM

A good object lesson.
Posted By: Hassat Hunter

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 06:31 PM

I don't object to anti-Lizard NPC's.
I object to getting quests and being unable to complete them as Lizard NPC's.

It's like getting a quest that needs Pet Pal to complete without Pet Pal; bad design.

But seeing how often when they boast freedom quests are extremely tightly made and require extreme arbitrary happens to actually finish (I'm thinking Witherspeere now) this is probably a status quo. That Larian really needs to work on. This is really bad design. I have yet to see a RPG that handles quests SO poorly, not even D:OS1 did this.
Posted By: Ellezard

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 07:01 PM

Doesn't she just brush you off and mention how you being a lizard won't be helpful anyway since you will just scare the girl?

Anyway, the game gives you access to shapeshifting mask in Act 1 (At least with Fane around, that I'm sure) allowing you to do any race-based quest as long as you disguise yourself so they don't refuse you.
Posted By: Hassat Hunter

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 03/10/17 07:12 PM

I suppose that is true.
It's still not very good questdesign, forcing you to look up how to finish it at all, much like how I needed one for the Tyrant quest to know a location I just happen to need 15WIT rather than being just plainly found like all other items. And no, of course there's no alternative, what is this, a RPG?
Posted By: SlynxJewel

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 04/10/17 04:11 AM can buff yourself with peace of mind to get Wit boost.
and iirc there is a book that tells you the location of tyrant's artifacts
Posted By: Hassat Hunter

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 04/10/17 06:56 AM

There is? Where? Can't recall such a book, and I read all the books around.
Sure you can, but how would you know where to look. I never would have thought myself to return to a vault picked clean if I didn't get the instructions here.
Posted By: geala

Re: "Every Mother's Nightmare" - 04/10/17 07:59 AM

The poor woman also doesn't like elves. But her daughter is dead, she cannot be helped, so don't be upset. You just better do not have a single-race party.
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