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I am going to use this

But I need to know the rules.
1) What is the max level?
2) How many attributes points do we get all together?
3) How many Combat Skill points do we get all together
4) How many Civil skill points do we get all together?
5) How many Talents do we get all together?

I know there are things that can add points into certain stuff, like armor that adds +2 necromancy or something like that. I am not worried about that stuff, I only want to know about the points I gain as I level up.
I hit level 22 during the final fight, so perhaps you could hit that before the final fight, I would be surprised if you can hit level 23 though.
You get 2 attributes every level, +1 from investing into Polymorph, and two from the Bigger and Better talent.
You start with 2 combat skill points, then get 1 every level after that, and one from the All Skilled Up talent.
You get 1 Civil skill point at 1,2 and then every 4 levels (6,10,14, etc), and one from the All Skilled Up talent.
You get 1 Talent point at 1,3 and then every 5 levels (8,13,18, etc).


You can become Sworn which will give your main character 2 attribute points, 2 combat skill points, and 2 talent points.
I do not know if this is a Fane only option and I don't know what happens if you use a Swornbreaker later.
you should also know the caps (how many points you can invest):
- attribute cap is 40
- combat ability cap is 10
- civil ability cap is 5
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