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Posted By: GreenFire Blood Dowry - whole city turns hostile - 06/04/18 08:49 PM
Hi, I don't know if this has been discussed, but I googled and didn't find anything relevant anywhere. Here's my problem. I accept Ros's counter offer and went to Dorian's house and killed him, but when I came out the whole city turned hostile. This can't be the intended outcome, can it? Web info about this quest says nothing about citizens and guards turning against me, and in any case nobody saw me kill him (it was down in his secret basement for goodness's sake!) so they shouldn't have reason to become hostile. Any idea what might have caused this?
Posted By: eLPuSHeR Re: Blood Dowry - whole city turns hostile - 08/04/18 08:44 AM
The same happened to me yesterday.
Posted By: miaasma Re: Blood Dowry - whole city turns hostile - 09/04/18 08:25 AM
that is hilarious
nah we just did that this past week and nobody was hostile
Posted By: Narkul Re: Blood Dowry - whole city turns hostile - 10/06/18 09:53 AM
I figured this out by waypoint to outskirts and then some told this is not yours. So drop start dropping all items from that house untill after waypiont noone told anything. After that just waypint to square and noone was hostile.
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