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Posted By: DiogenesOfSinope The Bless spell - 01/09/18 07:07 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but casting bless on a character not only infers the Blessed status but also the added effect of the surface "were it, in it itself be blessed".

Uhmm: char on oil, char gets Blessed + Fortified; char on water, char gets Blessed + Healing, char on fire surface, char gets Blessed + Burning Immunity for a turn?
PLUS the surface itself is not blessed so surrounding enemies don't profit.
Haven't tested it yet, but that would make the Bless spell quite handy if not only situationally.

*EDIT: yup, it does work exactly like that. I'm guessing standing on cursed surfaces and casting on char "just" has the Blessed effect as if you were standing on normal ground.
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