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Posted By: Ivan_Ho Question about Domoh Dumora - 17/09/18 11:16 PM
I was looking forward to get the dagger ASAP for my rogue, but when i checked the location it used to be in the classic edition, the dagger was missing. There has been speculation on steam forums, that it was moved. I'm just curious if indeed this is the case, or could this be a bug? Anyone managed to grab the dagger from under its hiding place?
Posted By: Ivan_Ho Re: Question about Domoh Dumora - 18/09/18 08:04 AM
It is a bug! The dagger is bellow the surface of the cobblestone where it used to be. It cannot be highlighted by pressing Alt so you might think its gone, but it overlaps the surface. Casting Apportation will however transport it to your inventory.
Posted By: Wabash Re: Question about Domoh Dumora - 18/09/18 01:07 PM
Impossible to get it on my de play
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