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Posted By: Varg Memory not taking skills when I reduce it, bug? - 11/10/20 07:54 PM
I went back to the Lady Vengeance to build up one of my classes and I noticed I had more skills slotted on my bar and in my 'slots used' than I had enough memory for. For example the picture below..

You can see it says 'slots used 11/8' in the picture as well.

I can't figure out why this has occured as I only have 10 into memory (which should be 8 slots) but more than 8 slots worth of skills?

Am I missing something that is right infront of my face?


Did you used to have equipment with a memory bonus, since removed?

Or could this be related to changes you made when respecing?
I haven't had any items with memory on them yet. I have respecced but I can't see anything from a respec that would cause this. I can't add skills to my bars/memory unless I have the correct amount of memory to do so, but once I have the skills in place I can then reduce the memory back down to 10 and all the additional skills are still there.

You can see here I've been able to do it even more so with Fane now, taking him to 12/8 slots used. And also the Red Prince.

Fane Stats

Fane Skills


Red Prince Stats

Red Prince Skills

If the memory drop cut off skill slots, that could cause more problems than allowing the excess ones (loosing equipment with a memory bonus due to a debuff, for example, could have serious consequences depending on what the situation was and what skills were disabled).
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