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I recently started to play this game. I tried to search some info around but usually I find conflicting info/outdated data, especially due to the wikia being so bad (why are they so lackluster, compared to other games?), so I'll try asking here:

- Does the loot change depending on smashing/lockpicking/opening with key a chest? Someone say so, someone disagree. I know that in the previous game loot were generated from different table depending on how you "opened" the chest. Here?

- How summoning change the combat order? I know that the summoned creature acts immediatly after the summoner, but next round? Is it inserted in the round robin in a standard way (how can I find its initiative?) o what?

- How tiebreakers work in the initiative system?

- Is it possible to see the game files using a Mac? The only way I found was with a .pak extractor provided here but it seems to work only on windows. I would like to read game files to update the wikia honestly.
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