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Posted By: Daugue EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 16/09/17 07:57 AM
I started playing at release and have gotten this error when starting game:
EoCApp.exe - No Disk There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive H:

I can play game after ignoring the error but after 30 mins it does freeze and ctd. I don't have a disk for game or an H drive.
Posted By: Nivv Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 17/09/17 12:22 AM
I've seen the same weird issue, though it doesn't crash for me.
Posted By: andmann Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 17/09/17 02:06 AM
happens to me too.
but the game doesn't crash.

that must be something unrelated.
I noticed this game uses quite a bit of ram.
Do you have enough?
Posted By: Xilibrius Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 17/09/17 02:14 AM
i get this after the "Connection to the Larian support server failed. The Larian support tool will be disabled. The operation has timed out - " notification
Posted By: Yama1291 Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 17/09/17 08:41 AM
[Linked Image]

I get the same error, but the game does not crash later. It's just a little annoying to have to go past an error message to play.
Posted By: ethion Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 17/09/17 06:00 PM
I'm also having a similar problem. Doesn't see to have any impact though. Just a pop up that I can click cancel or continue or just close the box and the game then starts and runs fine.

I did a steam game verification and it didn't help. I was in the beta and updated to the release version on steam. After updating I got this pop up.

The drive it is asking for doesn't exist on my system.

Posted By: KING-TYPO Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 19/09/17 02:54 AM
I have to say i have the no disk error also. i have the gog version installed. if i just click continue or cancel it goes away and the game loads up without anymore problems.
Posted By: Grenyes Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 29/09/17 06:23 PM
Same error here, a bit annoying. Any news from Larian?
Posted By: Grenyes Re: EoCApp.exe - No Disk - 29/09/17 07:38 PM
It seems a Windows error. Fixed changing the letter of the problematic driver (in my case H) to another letter (Z).
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