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*Minor spoilers up through the end of act 1*

So I'm playing a 4-player coop campaign with some friends, and we started the campaign with only 3 players. We then picked up Fane as a party member, and had a 4th player decide he wanted to join us. He just started playing as Fane, but whenever certain "player" things would happen, he could never participate.

A few examples are:

- The arena in Fort Joy: After we won the arena fight, only the 3 initial players were allowed to fight eachother in the arena to become The One.

- Whenever there is group-dialog options (player-characters talking to each other), our 4th player doesn't get to pick his dialog - something gets chosen automatically for him.

- He never got to go to the Hall of Echoes, either from the illusions vault place in act 1 (forgot the name), or at the end of Act 1/start of Act 2, after Malady takes the boat through the veil.

It's also possible that Fane just doesn't get to go to the HoE, as a part of his Origin Story? But that doesn't seem likely to me. . . can anyone confirm if Fane as a player character normally is supposed to go to the HoE right after that boat fight? If not, then there's likely a bug here tied to our 4th player joining the campaign late.

Is it possible to fix this by making a new custom characters? Is that even possible? (like in the first game?)
Early in Act 2, You have the option of "Hiring" Mercenaries, with that you can make a new custom character.

However, it sounds like that "bug" is happening because only "Main characters" are allowed to fight in the arena against each other, and are allowed in the hall of Echoes, also "Companions" get their own dialogue choices chosen for them in group dialog options.

It sounds like this is all happening because your friend is technically just taking control of a "companion" that was recruited, instead of being a "main Character" I don't know if Mercenaries have the "Main Character" status, or if its only possible for your 4th to be a main character as well from starting over with them included. Being a Mercenary might only fix a few of those problems but its worth a try.

(You can recruit Mercenaries from a blue lizard lady on your ship starting act 2)
Alright, so I think I'm understanding the issue a bit more clearly now. . . So I guess my question is (and I'm already afraid of the answer. . .) is there any way to add a main character to a campaign [i]after[/i] it has already started?
Unless Mercenaries count, (because they almost amount to almost completely custom characters, especially when you can respec everything about them and change them compleatly, so it would make sense to put that feature in just so they could have late additions have a good time)

I would say no. :/ Sorry dude, it sounds like your 4th friend is relegated to the role of side kick. (they wont get the option to become the chosen god woken either)

It might be possible to use a save editor to change that flag on Fane if the mercenary thing doesn't work out, but i wouldn't recommend it, as if you mess up it would make your save unstable, and possibly unusable.

It might be a fun idea for Larian to allow you to change that flag ingame at some point just to make it more fun for late additions to the party.
You were right - each character has a hidden tag in addition to their shown tags (mystic/scholar/etc) called "AVATAR", which is only present on players who are there from the start. I added that tag to our Fane character, and the initial look is good - he can't be booted from the party!

I used the tool found in this thread:

I'm not sure how this'll affect Godwoken quests though. . . kinda sucks that he's an Origin character, since that means there are probably some quest flags that might specifically only be present in a game with AVATAR Fanes (instead of Companion Fanes). . .

It would be awesome if I could get my hands on a save file in which Fane is an AVATAR and past act 1, so I could analyse it for any unique fane-related quests ours might be missing. . .
Hey, How did you do this? My group has encountered the same problem and i cannot for the life of me figure out how to use this application. Any help would be greatly appreciated if you can.
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