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Posted By: Stabbey Quest Log is broken. ( Hotfix v3.0.150.760) - 27/10/17 07:33 PM
My quest log is now messed up. Every single entry under "My Story So Far" and "My Companions" is now jammed into one hopeless line.

Closing and re-opening the quest log didn't fix it. Neither did closing and re-opening the entire game.

I am done with this game for a while.
I confirm. Mine is exactly the same way, even going to save as early as Act 1 in Fort Joy in the game I started yersterday.

It's also broken on the saves of my older playthrough that I stopped in Arx.
Update: it appears to only affect the games already in progress.

If you start a brand new game after the hotfix, it appears to be fine. I just really quick ran the ship prologue and upon waking up on the island, my quest log looks normal, as opposed to the messed up gargled mess in the save of the character who is in the the same spot from the game I started yesterday.

Posted By: hrap Re: Quest Log is broken. ( Hotfix v3.0.150.760) - 28/10/17 12:22 AM
Please delete UILayout.lsb in your profile folder. Game will recreate this file after lunch and journal will back to normal.
Thanks for the tip. I didn't do that, but the quest log fixed itself when I started up again, even though quitting and restarting didn't work last time.
I tried deleting UILayout and it didn't work.

I then threw a new save (first post this patch update), exited and reloaded.

This time it worked.

Dunno if the new save and reload or the UILayout regen or both fixed it but, heh.
@hrap Thanks! That worked for me!
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