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Posted By: Linio Chicken voidlings bug? - 13/09/18 06:13 PM
So I brought peeper to the magical rooster.
And now I'm into a funny (or not) fight where each turn a voidling pops out a new chicken. I've killed about twenty of them now, and they're still popping.

I don't know if it's normal or funny, but it's really not. Especially since the chicken pop in the most random places (farther and farther away from the fight...)
Posted By: Linio Re: Chicken voidlings bug? - 13/09/18 06:24 PM
The whole quest is bugged actually.
I loaded a previous save, and when I speak to the magic rooster, I have no option to kill the chicken voidling
Posted By: Mathijs Re: Chicken voidlings bug? - 13/09/18 07:22 PM
Is that a bug? I always thought it was intentional.

I found it slightly challenging to kill them quickly but after a bit they stopped popping up, it's all about effectively killing them.

If this literally is a bug please let me know because I always found this quest hilarious!

Your last step seems to happen if you don't do the quest properly, that's what I had my first run, I think it's a speech check failure?

Have fun!
Posted By: Linio Re: Chicken voidlings bug? - 13/09/18 08:03 PM
Yep, no fun here sorry.
I could get the whole "kill them quickly enough", but the thing is, if one chicken can pop another chicken that can pop another chicken that can... You see where I'm going with this. They do it on turn one, it's not like you have any kind of time to dispatch them.

And yeah I think there's a bug because supposedly you're supposed to be able to have the choice to kill them during the dialogue with the roster.

Well... I'm having another buggy quest so I'm assuming there are still some issues with the quests.
Posted By: Ramonkind99 Re: Chicken voidlings bug? - 13/09/18 10:53 PM
Yeah, the whole quest is bugged for me due to the speech check with big Marge. She just keeps asking where peepers is even though he's right there. Very frustrating.
Posted By: GenericNameHere Re: Chicken voidlings bug? - 14/09/18 07:36 AM
I have not played this one in the D.E yet but the respaw thing is not a bug. Besides it's a resurrection spell, not a new chicken each time, which means that if a chicken dies far away from the ohers, they will not resurrect it. The best tactic is still to kill them all at once, though. Anyways, it's not a bug and you should get ready for other surprises like that in the future.
Posted By: Linio Re: Chicken voidlings bug? - 14/09/18 02:37 PM
I saw that. Managed to kill the bunch of them, but the fight was not really enjoyable.
It's not even difficult, it's just... long. Long and not fun.
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