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I started a new game yesterday (after an update) and some weird things have been happening since. It is a single player game. When I separate all characters from the group only the active character can move around, if I activated another character the previously active character stops moving. This happens out of combat.

Then the fight against the Magister Houndmaster. I tried to draw it a bit (not the greatest drawing). Before: Now: The white lines are the archer movements. Before one would flank me at the top and one would approach me from the right. Now they do not move, they just end there turn. The S&B now ended its turn without moving, while before it would be at the same position as the dog after its first turn. The houndmaster was still the same and in the second turn the S&B attacked from the right. However, the archers skipped there turn until I summoned the Incarnate and a totem there. The Incarnate was attacked (still without moving), the totem was not. I could just totem spam till they dropped. This all happened in honor mode.

A similar thing happened with the Griff fight, where Hilde starting next to Griff ended her turn straight away (she was the first to act when combat started).
Yes, I had experienced the same problems.
This is the issue I am having with AI after the newest patch.

I've done this fight a handful of times and have never had the AI just not move
Thank you for making a video to explain it better.
A bit disappointing no red has posted for over a month and we need them more than ever.
Got a reply from Raze

"Thank you. I will check if this is a known issue, and create a bug report if not.

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