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Posted By: Amarillien GM game rules - 26/01/18 08:49 PM
I'd like to know how you all handle rules for rolling dice.

Straight rolls?
Rolls with bonus from attribute or something else?

If you do bonuses what rules do you have?

and do you have any other rules that enhance your sessions?

I'm sure there are others that would be interested as well to know how others do.
Posted By: WMC51 Re: GM game rules - 26/01/18 10:44 PM
Some things I have tried.

Source players will gain 1 source point at level 5 that recharges once a day, a second at level 10, 3rd at 15, 4th at 20
Opportunist All enemies and players will receive this trait
Pet Pal Pet pal gives players a pet companion. The companion will be 1/2 their level after 1. Only 1 person per group
Summoners only 1 per group.
Undead no undead characters
resting there will not be bedrolls, Resting will be handled more like in d&d. Tell the GM when you would like to rest. This will impack gameplay and how long quest / dungeons take.
race non humans may be looked down on by some in the major cities run by the magisters

Stat Score Bonus to Roll
10-11 0
12-14 1
15-17 2
18-20 3
21-23 4
24-26 5
27+ 6

.+1 to strength saving throw for each point in Perseverance & retribution
.+1 to finess for saving throw for each point in sneaking and thievery
.+1 to intelligence saving throw for each point in loremaster & telekinesis

Each point in lucky charm grants advantage to 1 roll per session. cannot use more that 1 on any roll

In also going to try rolling with your stat in game but - your level to scale difficulty based on what you train in without having to track an out of game chart.
Posted By: Amarillien Re: GM game rules - 27/01/18 07:12 PM
Sounds reasonable.
How do you handle the party when they do not rest? what is the incentive to sleep/rest?
Posted By: WMC51 Re: GM game rules - 27/01/18 08:19 PM
Well if they have a healer it isn't much of an issue as far as short rest. In my end fight for act 1, for example, it matters how fast they get to the end boss so if they take a short rest or even have to spend 2 minutes healing up after every fight it will make a difference.

Mostly short rest will change what time they get to a scene be it night or day.

Long rest will mostly happen in towns so not much of an issue. Long rest are how you regain source points and luck rolls. If out in the world and in need of a long rest they will have to camp overnight with the possibility of random encounters. If attacked at night all but the one on watch will have to take their armor off like in d&d
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