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Posted By: drwargame GM mode for definitive edition - 30/08/18 10:37 PM
Okay, so I didn't see a lot of information about changes to GM mode with definitive edition. But I'm glad I delayed finishing my latest campaign because it sure looks like it is not compatible with any of the workshop items produced under classic.

Does anyone have a handle on the implications of definitive edition for GM mode? Is there a way to convert workshop items? Will there be a separate workshop for definitive edition? Any significant changes to the GM mode tools or features or mechanics, etc.?
Posted By: chazzreinholdt Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 31/08/18 06:39 AM
What drwargame said.

I am really surprised by the lack of info for all us GMs (and our playing friends) who have spent a lot of hours with our ongoing campaigns.

I really hope there is a way to convert at least the scenes without scripts. Hopefully the class mods too.

Any info and help would be really appreciated.

Posted By: Nedrapter Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 31/08/18 10:34 AM
I hope mods can be converted easily. Otherwise the community of GM mode players will be split. Modders will not maintain 2 version of mods most likely, so one group is bound to get disappointed soon. I just started preparing a new campaign. Now I don't know what to do, wait until all modders of my mods update their mods (most likely never happen, some map modes were abandoned after finished), or make new campaign with very limited mods? frown
Posted By: chazzreinholdt Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 31/08/18 10:41 AM
Yea, I am in the same situation running a big ongoing campaign which I have been expanding for a year.
Posted By: chazzreinholdt Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 01/09/18 08:30 PM
Larian, any info on what is new or fixed in the GM mode for DE? I have not heard a single thing for GM mode, but I might have missed it somewhere.

Nothing here on the GM forums either. Patch notes or the like.
Posted By: Tiqon Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 02/09/18 08:03 PM
So I know a bit.

If you need a map for your campaign that does NOT get updated by the modder (after trying to contact the modder ofc and ask them to do it), you COULD extract the pak from the original, and import it in DE editor (when it comes out), There MIGHT be a few step you need to do, like rerender the lightning, but that is all. Its very very easy.

Then you will be able to use the map in your DE campaign as you now have a project with the levels in it.

I guess I don't need to tell you that you should NOT publish it, as this is not your work. That would be a bad move. Unless ofc you have a deal with the orginal modder.

I have plan on pushing mappers to update myself... we need all the maps we can get wink.

I have had no problems with any of my maps (no scripting in my maps or elements that are selfmade, so I can't say if maps with selfmade elements will cause issues).

My DE maps are not published yet because we cannot publish for GM yet, as the scripting in GM needs polish.
Posted By: chazzreinholdt Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 03/09/18 09:42 AM
Thanks mate for your great work!

So I need to open up each of the maps/mods in my campaign and convert them myself (unless the modders do it)?

The class mods, will they work?

What about the mods that add all items and creatures to GM mode (like GM addon)? Are they gone now?

And, are there any new things or patches in the GM mode in DE?

For instance, I have a bug in my campaign that does not let me make NPCs with the enemy alignment (I have to put -100 for all players in the NPCs reputation tab, to make them enemies to the players - and it still messes up the alignment for all their summons, and the players summons).

I know I sound a bit whiny, but it feels like Larian has given up on GM mode a bit. Especially for us GMs that do not dabble in the editor ourselves.

It is a wonderful thing, the GM mode, and I thank Larian for making it - but it is also something that demands time and effort, and if it suddenly gets a bit abandoned you feel a bit cheated, so to speak.
If they stop developing or patching it, I wish they would tell us. The activity on the forums and the workshop have dropped significantly.

The bug I mention above, they have not replied to.

Posted By: Tiqon Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 03/09/18 01:55 PM
To make it clear, you need to extract the mod (the .pak file) with the extraction tool and import it into the DE editor.

You can read about how here

But you will ofc have to wait until the DE editor is available. I might make a short description on how later.

That is if you find that the original modder did not/don't want to convert it and you can't get a hold on the modder. And this is for you only. No publishing.

Other mods, like classes and such demands much more work and knowledge to convert. But maps without scripts are easy to "convert", more or less a matter of importing and clicking a few buttons.

I agree that the GM mode is a wonderful thing and hope it gets even better. Though I have yet to discover some of the bugs others report, lets hope for a brighter futures for GM mode when the dust from DE release have settled wink.

regarding your problems, someone else had the same problems and wrote on Discord.
Posted By: chazzreinholdt Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 04/09/18 07:44 AM
Thanks Tiqon!

I take it from the devs reply in that Discord-thread that they have not added anything new to the GM mode in DE:(

Posted By: Fandarin Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 06/09/18 11:07 AM
Only new bugs...ehh features grin
Posted By: Redunzgofasta Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 06/09/18 12:22 PM
Actually, from what I hear there will be a massive new feature for GM Mode, but that probably will be tied to custom maps and work to do in the editor.
Posted By: Tiqon Re: GM mode for definitive edition - 06/09/18 12:41 PM
GM Story Scripting
Story scripting and GM add-on support in general (when playing the campaign) will be brought live on the first patch after release.
Story (Osiris) scripting in Game Master mode is now fully supported!

This means that all your add-on scripting will work in Game Master, the same way it does in Story mode.
As always, simply make sure in your Project Settings (CTRL + P) that your project has the correct game mode enabled as Target.
Your project only works for the modes it targets! In this case, the target would be GM.

So this means that if you can do scripting you have much more power. Notice that it say "ill be brought live on the first patch after release". I'm not sure what that means 100%. But lets see what happens.

This ALSO means that the amazing scipting modders out there can not only fiddle with the story mode but also GM mode. Lets hope someone takes up that challenge and give people like me with no lust for scripting some cool stuff.
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