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Posted By: zvifflemeyer why all the rogue hate? - 28/12/21 05:41 AM
casters get an adventurers staff
ranged gets an adventurers bow
str classes get a choice between a 2h axe or a 1h sword
dexterity melee? F@#& those guys. No one likes rogues. Who is going to even play one?

sigh. so in order for a rogue to use an adventurer's weapon, they have to put points in strength. a stat they shouldnt be using. great.
Posted By: Adiktus Re: why all the rogue hate? - 30/03/22 09:37 AM
You can use a spear with dex ... although given that then renders most Scoundrel skills useless, you'd *really* better be getting good use out of the extra weapon reach.

(I will admit, though, that rogue is probably the class I use the least, partly for the above reason, and partly because dexterity has *no uses other than weapon damage*. Str at least gives you extra carry weight!)
Posted By: Xzoviac Re: why all the rogue hate? - 24/06/22 07:31 AM
I thought Dex effected your likelihood of being hit
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