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Posted By: Arruzaki Lohse Attitude - 03/06/17 04:01 PM
first of all i really love that u can now interact with ur companions
really interested in learning more about them

my problem now is the attitude with lohse

when i start at the ship i get +5 pretending to be her husband
after her becoming my companion on the island i get +10/+5 for the conversations we had
going into the cave when it comes to her talking to saheila
i let her talk to her gettin another +10 attitude

when it then comes to decide to protect the elf or join lohse i get -10 for protecting miss elf cause lohse is obviously possessed and does not really want to kill her

dont mind that i get -10 attitude since i go against her
but it feels strange since stopping her should be what she wants

after stopping her i can get another +5 when talking her after the incident

which ends me up at her attitude being -40
so now im wondering why it is at -40 now
it still should be somewhere in the positive

only thing i could imagine is the -10 when going against her is false and its more like -60 to -70 which is insane for only stopping the thing inside her
Posted By: LaughingLeader Re: Lohse Attitude - 03/06/17 09:54 PM
Yeah, Lohse is weird like that. If you don't care about everybody else's attitude in the cave, you can side with Lohse, and then get her health low enough to "knock her out of it". That will actually give you a positive gain in her attitude, but all the elves will be -40 or so. Taking all of her armor off before the fight helps with being able to snap her out of it before she hits one of them.

I do agree that siding with the elves shouldn't harm your attitude with Lohse, as you're just trying to repel whatever's possessed her, and helping her regain control over her body in doing so.
Posted By: Arruzaki Re: Lohse Attitude - 03/06/17 11:53 PM
in the end i reloaded and went with siding with lohse and then still atacking her to knock her out of it

since i did not recruit sebille at that point the entive cave hates me+lohse/ifan but sebille is still at 0 which is quite a nice way to still get the skillbooks from the lizard for a reasonable price

but i still hope that they maybe change the way lohses attitude drops when u go against her when the game fully releases
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