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Posted By: jackyflc Controller UI feedback - 18/09/17 07:35 PM
First and foremost, thank you Larian for the awesome game.

As a gamer who prefers to play on my controller compared to be KB/M, good job on the controller support. However switching back to KB/M I have noticed a few improvement to be made.

1 - Physical/Magic armor display - After playing the game for almost 11 hours, upon switching to KB/M I noticed that during battle you are able to view the enemy physical and magic armor just by highlighting them. As for the controller you are required to "examine" the enemies. For the 11 hours that I have been playing I have almost assume that all enemies share the same armor points (50% physical - 50% magical) because of this.

I am no longer able to be more tactical (without hassle) in controller mode because I would constantly have to examine each enemy after each turn aim depending on how much armor they have.

2 - Hide Helmet seems to be missing for controller users.

Would appreciate if this will be patched so I can return back to using my controller to enjoy this masterpiece of a game.

Posted By: Linio Re: Controller UI feedback - 18/09/17 07:59 PM
Yeah, the bottom line is : Everything feasable with KB/M should be doable with a controller.

I would add to the thing previously said : we need to be able to lock the hotbar (this is even more important with a controller seing how much it's annoying to rearrange things).

Also, it has been said, but quick travel is buggy with a controller...
Posted By: Helekanalaith Re: Controller UI feedback - 19/09/17 10:26 AM
I wasn't even aware of the difference between both input types until I accidentally started with my Xbox controller turned off. Both points mentioned by the OP are high on my list as well.

Hopefully we'll see these addressed in a patch. 😊
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