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to see if they can get them to check with DHL and/or push DHL for some updates on their Collectors Edition packages.

There is frustration that is growing among some of us fans on how this was handled and is putting a sour taste in our mouths at the end of an otherwise great campaign.

Me personally I am very disappointed in the lack of information from the Shipping company and DHL.

In addition the seemingly lack of comment or concern from Larian is even more so disappointing since we have grown to expect so much better from you all.
I am very disappointed with this as well. I wish I could cancel my order, because I think I would at this point. I paid nearly $200 for the CE and DHL still has it sitting in Germany...Across the planet...A week after it was supposed to be shipped to me.

I very much wish Larian would address this issue in some way, even acknowledging that they fucked up with its distribution would be something. Silence is never the answer.
I had my CE delivered in time, but the Fane figurine had broken pieces. I've yet to hear from Larian concerning that. :(

Shipping started Wednesday and (for the CE boxes) finished on Friday. Some more tracking numbers went out yesterday, at least, and this morning the person in charge of this at Larian was going to contact Happy Shops about the remaining issues.

If you have not received a tracking number, checked your spam folder, if applicable. It should come from the address 'Happyshops Fullfillment <>', with a German subject line of the form 'Ihre Bestellung 1234567 vom 08.09.2017'.

If you have received it, it will take some time for the tracking information to be updated.

I replied to your email and forwarded it to the person responsible.

With the release of the game, there has been a dramatic increase in support email, forum posts, etc, so unfortunately there is a corresponding increase in response time.
Raze, the tracking numbers are useless at this point since they do not update. Not sure what good that is doing. Appreciate the response but doesnt sound like much is actually being done to address the issues. Unless someone told them to get the tracking numbers updated or we will find other options in the future.
Yep NO UPDATES AS EXPECTED Still sitting in Germany since 9/15
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