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Posted By: rickbuzz Lack of armor skin variety at vendors. - 21/09/17 09:16 PM
One of my favorite things to do in RPGs is dress up my characters. This game has the potential to allow me to do so, as far as I can tell there's plenty of armor skin options in game, however...

After getting to Driftwood every single armor vendor in the entire zone sells the exact same set of armor skins, one for each attribute. One. How am I supposed to customize how my character looks with just one armor look? Yeah sometimes you get something that looks different from rare drops, but unless I want to have some kind of Frankenstein fashion sense I can't really use it because there's no way to get matching pieces for the slots that I didn't get the drop for.

So it's a great game and this is a small nitpick I guess that maybe nobody but me cares about, but this is the feedback/suggestions forum, so...

Feedback: Not enough armor variety from vendors.

Suggestion: Vendors sell 4-5 armor skin varieties per attribute instead of one... or more, or at least have a random selection from different skins to help me complete my fashion.
Posted By: Nivv Re: Lack of armor skin variety at vendors. - 21/09/17 10:21 PM
I know they aren't the same genre at all, but I really like what Nioh did with the refashioning option at the blacksmith. Basically for a fee, you could change any armor or weapon to look like a different piece that you've picked up before, with the only limitation being that weapons can only look like weapons of the same type, and you have to have looted a piece of gear with the alternate appearance you want.
I love the look of the Braccus rex stuff on my Lizard, but I'm going to outgrow it's stats really soon and I'll leave my incredible look and fashion behind... hehe

I know it sounds silly, but some kind of transmogrification would be amazing.
Posted By: rickbuzz Re: Lack of armor skin variety at vendors. - 22/09/17 12:06 AM
That would work too. I was wearing level 6 robes on my human female wizard in hopes of finding a vendor in driftwood that sold similar ones until level 14 or so, lol.
I too would like to see more variety. This was a minor problem for me during pre release period. I got around it by not changing armor I liked, but I dont think I'd be able to get away with this in full game.Option to reforge armor seems like a nice feauture to have. Once this hectic post launch period I over, I'd definitely like to see this in this great game.
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