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Posted By: Incendax Quality Of Life - 01/10/17 12:01 AM
Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Spirit Sight should be a toggle.
  • Flags on Bags that automatically put items of a certain type in them.
  • Button that 'Locks' items in your inventory and prevents them from being traded.
  • Button that trades EVERYTHING that is not 'Locked' to a specific character.
  • Option to disable Hotbar clutter.
  • Automatically use the highest Persuasion in the group when talking.
  • Automatically use the highest Thievery in the group when lockpicking (but not pick pocketing).
  • Automatically use the highest Loremaster in the group when identifying.
  • Automatically use the highest Barter in the group when buying / selling.
  • Automatically use the highest Lucky Charm in the group when opening containers.

Can we think of any others?
Posted By: Wabash Re: Quality Of Life - 01/10/17 05:15 PM
I already got the highest Loremaster in the group when identifying.
Spirit sight is needed as number 1.
Posted By: BlueGuy Re: Quality Of Life - 02/10/17 03:57 AM
Secret containers like
griffs orange

should be able to hide your stolen goods rather than having to put them in a nearby barrel etc

You should be able to auto sort the quickbar by spell and talent tree. ie hydrophist spells all together + warfare talents all together. You should also be able to turn off auto adding of items to the quickbar.
Posted By: Sergey Butsenov Re: Quality Of Life - 02/10/17 04:24 AM
would be nice
Posted By: Horrorscope Re: Quality Of Life - 03/10/17 09:49 PM
Some randoms QOL's:

When accidentally clicking on something red and it isn't hard to do with moving NPC's, should give you an option to "Cancel" before anything else happens. Or something like that. Like a "I'm just browsing" option.

Coop - Toggle option to see all players Pin Dolls and Stats.
Coop - Toggle option for everyone to have inventory control of each person in a group.
Coop - Separate System Coop - When it is the players turn, make the graphic Flash as well.
Coop - When watching someone elses dialog, you have to scroll up every time they make a choice to see what they do. We have to see that choice on the screen without scrolling up every single time.
Coop - When another goes into a dialog, make a distinct noise on all players screen, the little chat bubble in the left side avatar isn't catchy enough to grab attention.

Posted By: Endarire Re: Quality Of Life - 04/10/17 05:51 AM
I agree to all of these that I understand!
Posted By: Chaneyi Re: Quality Of Life - 04/10/17 09:11 PM
Agreed. All of these options would be nice.
Can't remember how many times I backtracked because I forgot to use Spirit Sight at first.
Being able to lock things from selling would also be brilliant. Accidentally sold a quest item, ran to all traders to find it and couldn't hence - quest incomplete.
Posted By: Nivv Re: Quality Of Life - 05/10/17 02:49 AM
A button to instantly link or unlink all party members for single player.

All self-cast spells without an area of effect should automatically cast when you click the button. Adrenaline for example, can only target yourself but requires two clicks to cast. Encourage is fine despite being centered on yourself, because it's an area of effect and allows you see who it will hit.
Posted By: Arsene Lupin Re: Quality Of Life - 05/10/17 04:33 AM
The #1 quality of life change the game needs is a larger transparency radius for foreground objects. Ideally, an option in the menu to adjust the radius. As the game is now, the radius to too small to effectively see the player character most of the time, and many objects (like EVERYTHING in the tutorial) aren't rendered transparent at all.

Beyond that, there are some things that mods have already fixed, but that ought to be fixed by Larian in future patches:

2. Enemies' lore values need to be adjusted DOWN, especially on the lower too difficulties. This kind of ruins a Thane playthrough, and really breaks immersion when everyone telepathically knows all of your weaknesses, no matter how low-level they are, or how dumb their character is supposed to be.

3. Only new skills should be automatically added to the skillbar, instead of every single item the moment it's added to your inventory.
Posted By: Velius Re: Quality Of Life - 05/10/17 07:25 AM
I'd even say, an option to choose what kind of things you want to be added to a skillbar. Like toogle 1st skillbar only for spells, 2nd for food and parchement, 3rd for food.
In single player, really need to be able to sell with the highest trader value whatever the character you have in selection, it would spare so much inventory management. And improve the crafting from items that are stocked into bags, this is insanely done actually. If you use the recipes it works fine, but if you try to combine various things, this is just bummer. Bags dont open everytime.
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