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Posted By: Landrin White Magister Reimond is sort of undead - 07/11/17 03:46 PM
I noticed this last night on my first visit to Arx.

I killed white Magister Reimond in the Blackpits. To be fair he was kind of a jerk.

I just got to Arx and was greeted with an odd quest after talking to the head paladin- find Reimond in Arx. But I had no option to tell him he was already dead, and nothing to suggest that it remembered he did in fact die.

Whatever, maybe he pulled an Alexander.

So I go through the hidden trapdoor and find this room with 3 enemies in it, standing guard over something. But nothing else is in the room. I shred the three guards and take all of the notes around, giving all of the incriminating evidence I need against the Magisters, but my journal says that I confronted Magister Reimond I'm that room and killed him there.

But he was never in the room, his corpse was back in the Blackpits.

Clearly, Reimond is supposed to survive to this point. I think the easiest solution on y'alls part would be to have him pull an Alexander- give him one line of dialogue below the barracks where he says "I barely survived you trying to murder me." And have him always be present there, even if you killed him. That way this odd continuity break doesn't happen.

Also, given that I'm here reporting a bug, I may as well tag a few more. I absolutely love everything about this game, I'm submitting these because I want to see the tiniest creases ironed out.

The four heroes in the graveyard aren't voiced. I'm not sure if this is deliberate or not.

While talking to the child crier in the Arx square, any time I ask for information her dialogue line is extremely quiet, so quiet you almost can't hear it. But her normal line (the one she constantly repeats) is fine.

There were a couple of conversations on the nameless isle that cut off really fast, and I felt like I missed something. I honestly can't remember which ones they were, though. It was so minor I forgot about it.

That's all I have for now. This game is 10/10, I absolutely love it. I just wanted to bring these up so they might get fixed
Another option would be for him to run immediately for his ship... rather than first go in the middle of your party to fight, then decide to flee having a loooooong way to go with ample opportunity to snipe him along the way.
I too killed him in the Blackpits and while my quest log didn't state that I needed to find him (in fact, a spirit I talked to in the barracks told me Reimond wasn't in Arx), I found his spirit in his lair!! And I thought I consumed it, because I reaaaally didn't like Reimond. But his spirit was there, talking to me (with no audible voice) like I never killed him in the Blackpits and then vanishing before I could consume him...

I remember the fight in the Blackpits, I teleported one of the Black Ring near the ship (after I reloaded and noticed they get shackled, I wanted some witnesses) and noticed Reimond was kinda fleeing, but I thought he was just trying to kill my Black Ring friend, so I kept teleporting him back. Now I know he was kida supposed to escape death there lol
Yup, found his spirit in Arx too, even with the Blackpits kill. Same VO lacking.
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